Freelance 3D Generalist, Graphic designer and Filmmaker


It is a bit hard to describe myself! especially from a professional point of view :) My name is Mounir Ould Setti, I am a 27 years old computer graphics freelancer based in Kuopio, Finland. I love art, whether it is animation, motion graphics, photography films or graphic design: I love what I do and I do my craft with passion.


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Elena Bottino | Head of International Marketing at Pioneer Investments

I worked with Mounir for six months and he demonstrated a great commitment to any job and project assigned showing great professionalism, skills and rare talent. He's very passionate in everything he does and this passion translates in great results!”

Sonya Earls | Web Content Manager and Knowledge Management Vice President at Pioneer Investments

Mounir is a hardworking, creative, compassionate person. I’ve had the good fortune to work with him for the past six months. He is a video production assistant on my small team of interactive web professionals. I’ve had no direct experience of how Mounir performs when he has his medical cap on but he certainly pours all his passion and energy into his interest in making film. I can only guess he does the same when he pursue anything that interests him or he believes in. Mounir’s ability to diversify so dramatically in his professional ambition is impressive and shows a unique ability to entertain the intellectual capacity of both sides of his brain. He demonstrates great empathy and confidence. Though his worldly experience may be limited, his communication skills, intelligence and tolerance will no doubt carry him through any situation or social layer. He makes people feel very comfortable and as a videographer, his communication skills and diligence help us to achieve great outcomes in time-pressured situations, without compromising on creativity. I look forward to watching Mounir’s foray into a future that he will shape to make a difference to both himself and others and whole-heartedly recommend him.

Daniel Peixoto | Lead Interactive Designer at Pioneer Investments

Mounir is not only a smart video producer but also an inspiring team player and a person always available to help. He is an energetic, creative and innovative employee. If you ever need someone to work under pressure, with no slip-ups and only with good final results, Mounir is your man!

Mohammed Mehdi SELLAM | Direteur Administratif et Financier chez PROMOSIM-Spa

Cette personne est la meilleure que je connaisse dans son domaine, Mounir n'est pas seulement un excellent designer, c'est aussi quelqu’un avec un charisme incroyable . J'ai eu la chance de travailler avec lui sur multiples projets concernant PROMOSIM-spa , Mounir est mon visionnaire d'avenir, je lui parle régulièrement pour m'inspirer des ses idées . Je ne saurais mieux faire que de recommander vivement Mounir pour ces talents et pour ça générosité .